AvPlan EFB Now Approved!

AvPlan EFB Now Approved!

We are extremely excited to announce that AvPlan EFB is now an approved data source under CAR 233 1(h). What this means is that you now can use AvPlan EFB as a replacement for paper maps, ERSA, DAP, AIP and AIP SUP.  You now can use AvPlan EFB in the cockpit and do not need to carry paper copies of these documents.

We strongly recommend carrying a backup for your iPad when using AvPlan EFB in the cockpit (see our licensing changes below). CASA recommend in CAAP 233 that you carry a backup for your EFB, and we cannot recommend enough that this is followed (the backup can be AvPlan EFB on another iPad, or paper copies of the documents required for flight). This CAAP also has other guidelines on the use of Electronic Flight Bags. If you have any questions, please contact us.

AvPlan Licensing Changes

With the approval process now complete we are happy to announce that AvPlan EFB is now usable on up to three (3) of your iDevices. Your AvPlan EFB license will allow you to run AvPlan EFB on your primary and backup iPad and an iPhone if you have one. If you wish to comply with the CASA guidelines for EFB use, this makes AvPlan EFB the most cost effective solution available in Australia.

Thanks again,

Bevan Anderson & the rest of the AvSoft team